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Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012

Beberapa gambar snsd bisa lihat dsn !

1. Snsd Gee

2. Snsd Taeyeon

3.Snsd Sunny

4.Snsd Sooyoung

5.Snsd Sooyoung and Yuri

6.Snsd Sunny

 7.SNSD [girl's generation]
7.Snsd Yuri

8. Snsd Jessica

9.Snsd Seohyun

10.Snsd Taeyeon

11.Snsd Jessica

12.Snsd [Girl's Generation]

13.SNSD Oh!

14.SNSD oh!

15.Snsd Oh!

16.SNSD oh!

17.Snsd Seohyun

18.Snsd Yoona

19.Snsd Yuri

20.Snsd Jessica

21.Snsd Taeyeon

22.Snsd Hyoyeon

23.Snsd Yoona

24.Snsd Taeyeon


26.Snsd Seohyun

27.Snsd Seohyun

28.Snsd  Yoona

29.Snsd Yuri

30.Snsd Yoona

31.Snsd Yoona

32.Snsd Yoona

33.Snsd Yoona

34.Snsd Jessica

Ini adalah beberapa pengertian snsd dan Biodata LIhat ya >.<

 1.  Girls' Generation (Korean: 소녀시대; Sonyeo Shidae) is a nine-memberSouth Korean pop girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2007.[1][2] They are known in Japan as Shoujo Jidai (Japanese: 少女時代) and are referred to as SoShi (소시) or SNSD by their fans, both abbreviated forms of the group's Korean name. The group consists of TaeyeonJessica JungSunnyTiffany,HyoyeonYuriSooyoungYoona and Seohyun.
They gained attention at the beginning of their career with songs such as "Into The New World", "Kissing You" and "Baby Baby". However, it was not until 2009, they gained immense popularity with their hit single "Gee", which holds the record for being the longest running number one song on KBS Music Bank, having held the number one chart ranking for nine consecutive weeks. "Gee" was named 'song of the decade' by the Korean music site, Melon.[3]The "Gee" music video also holds the record for the highest amount of views for a K-Pop video on YouTube, with over 80 million views accumulated by the end of July 2012.[4] The group solidified their place in the Korean music industry with their follow-up singles "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)", "Run Devil Run", and "Oh!".
The group began a foray into the Japanese music scene in late 2010 underNayutawave Records, a label part of Universal Music Group, with the Japanese remakes of their 2009 Korean hits "Genie" and "Gee." The group's debut Japanese album, Girls' Generation, released in June 2011, is currently the highest selling album in Japan by a Korean group in Oricon history. The album quickly became their most successful album to date, being certified 'Million' by the RIAJ and made the group the second Korean artist to earn this achievement in Japan since Korean labelmate BoA's "Best of Soul" in 2005.[5]
In 2011, they returned to the Korean music scene with "The Boys", which was released in three languages: Korean, Japanese, and for the first time, English. At the start of 2012, the group performed the English version of "The Boys" on the late night talk show Late Show with David Letterman and on the daytime talk show Live! with Kelly, becoming the first Korean musical act to perform on each show, and the first Korean act to perform on syndicated television in theUnited States. In the same year, the group formed their first sub-unit, entitledGirls' Generation-TTS, or simply "TaeTiSeo", composed of members Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. The subgroup's debut EP, Twinkle, peaked at #136 on the Billboard 200, becoming the highest charting K-Pop album on the chart thus far.
In 2012, they returned to the Japanese market with, "Paparazzi", taken from their upcoming second Japanese album. The song ranked high in various Japanese charts, including the Japan Hot 100 in which it peaked at the number one spot.[6]
Biodata Snsd lengkap 
1.snsd Yoona
Nama : Yoona
Nama Lengkap : Im Yoon Ah
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Charming Girl
Nama Panggilan Lain : Little Deer, Retarol, Flower Deer, Powerful Yoona, Bravery Yoona, YoonABC
Tgl Lahir : 30 Mei 1990
Gol Darah : B
Tinggi Badan : 166 cm
Berat Badan : 47 kg
Posisi : Ketua Dancer yang ke-3, membantu vokal
No. Favorite : 93
Spesial : Akting
Training : 7 tahun 2 bulan
Lagu favorite dari SNSD : Complete

2.snsd Taeyeon

Nama : Taeyeon
Nama Lengkap : Kim Tae Yeon
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : little child that is like Pack Sol – Ge snack
Nama Panggilan lain : Taetae, Taeng, leader Taeyeon, leader Taeng, Kid leader, Auntie, Afro Tangee, little person, A person with short  body, Pack-Sol-Ge snack
Tgl lahir : 9 Maret 1989
Gol darah : O
Tinggi badan : 162 cm
Berat Badan : 44 kg
Posisi : ketua, ketua vocal yang ke- 1
Hobi : Renang
Special : Menyanyi Trot, bahasa Cina
Training : 5 tahun 3 bulan
Lagu favorite dari SNSD : Merry Go – Round
3.snsd Jessica

Nama : Jessica
Nama Lengkap : Jung Soo Yeon, Jessica Jung
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Ice Princess
Nama Panggilan Lain : Sic, Sica, Sicachu, Liquid Sica, Sica Effect,, Sica Of Sweat, Baby Sic, Puppet Sic, Sexica, glowing Sic, Sleepy Sica
Tgl. lahir : 18 April 1989
Gol. darah : B
Tinggi badan : 163 cm
Berat badan : 45 kg
Posisi : ketua Vocal yang ke- 2
No. Favorite : 52
Hobi : sepakbola, tinju
Spesial : Dance, bahasa inggris
Training : 7 tahun 6 bulan
Lagu favorite dari SNSD : Complete

4.snsd seohyeon
Nama : Seo Hyun
Nama Lengkap : Seo Joo Hyun
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : The Youngest Princess
Nama Panggilan Lain : Seororo, Innocent Seohyun, Kerohyun, Youngest Child, Milk Seo Joo
Tgl Lahir : 28 Juni 1991
Gol Darah : A
Tinggi Badan : 168 cm
Berat Badan : 48 kg
Posisi : Ketua Vokal yang ke-3
Hobi : Main Piano, nonton Keroro
Spesial : Bahasa Cina, Main Piano
Training : 6 tahun 6 bulan
Lagu Favorite dari SNSD : Kissing You

5.snsd sooyoung
Nama : Soo Young
Nama Lengkap : Choi Soo Young
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Fun Loving Princess
Nama Panggilan Lain : A Person with long body, Long Legs, Model, Food God, Interuptor, Syoung
Tgl Lahir : 10 Februari 1990
Gol Darah : O
Tinggi Badan : 170 cm
Berat Badan : 48 kg
Posisi : Membantu Vokal
Hobi : Makan
Spesial : Bahasa Jepang, Dance
Training : 6 tahun 3 bulan
Lagu Favorite dari SNSD : Complete
6.snsd Yuri
Nama : Yuri
Nama Lengkap : Kwon Yuri
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Black Pearl
Nama Panggilan Lain : Yul, Kwongul, Ggab-Yul, Black Yul, Yuree
Tgl. Lahir : 5 Desember 1989
Gol. Darah : AB
Tinggi Badan : 167 cm
Berat Badan : 45 kg
Posisi : Ketua Dancer yang ke-2, membantu vokal
Hobi : Dancing, Ballet, Main piano, Violin, Renang
Spesial : Bahasa Cina, renang
Training : 5 tahun 11 bulan
Lagu Favorite Dari SNSD : Baby Baby

7.snsd Sunny
Nama : Sunny
Nama Lengkap : Lee Sun Kyu
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Energy Pill
Nama Panggilan lain : Lee Sunny, Lee Sun, Dolphin, Dolphin Sunny, Cute Sunny, Sun Kyu
Tgl. Lahir : 15 Mei 1989
Gol. Darah : B
Tinggi Badan : 158 cm
Berat Badan : 43 kg
Posisi : Membantu Vokal
Hobi : Renang, main video game, olahraga
Spesial : Atletik
Training : 9 bulan
Lagu Favorite dari SNSD : Ooh-La-La!

8.snsd Tiffany
Nama : Tiffany
Nama Lengkap : Hwang Mi Young, Tiffany Hwang
Nama Panggilan di SNSD : Brighter Than Gem
Nama Panggilan Lain : Fany, Brighter than Mushroom Tiffany, Fanny of Belly, Bacteria Fany, Fany The Practicer, Rural Fany, Spongebob Hwang, Fany Fany Tiffany, Human Jukebox, Mushroom
Tgl. Lahir : 1 Agustus 1989
Tinggi Badan : 162 cm
Berat Badan : 50 kg
Posisi : Ketua Vokal yang ke-4
Hobi : Main Seruling
Spesial : Bahasa Inggris, Main Flute ( Seruling )
Training : 3 tahun 7 bulan
Lagu Favorite dari SNSD : Baby Baby

9.snsd hyoyeon
Nama : Hyoyeon
Nama Lengkap : Kim Hyo Yeon
Nama Panggilan di  SNSD : Bright Snow White
Nama Panggilan Lain : Dancing Queen, Princess Fiona, Hyo Fit and Firm, Apple Princess, Hyon
Tgl. Lahir : 22 September 1989
Gol. Darah : AB
Tinggi Badan : 160 cm
Berat Badan : 48 kg
Posisi : Ketua Dancer yang ke-1, membantu vokal
Hobi : Menari/Nge dance
Spesial : Bahasa Cina, Dance
Training : 6 tahun 1 bulan

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